Virtual Personal Training

Get Fit From the Comfort of Home

MWA's virtual personal training sessions offer a convenient way to get fit from the comfort and safety of home. Much like our private personal training sessions, our online training sessions are completely customized to meet each of our clients individual health goals, whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, rehabilitation or training for an athletic event.

How does virtual personal training work?

Once you’ve filled out our online questionnaire and selected your trainer, they’ll reach out to you to discuss your fitness goals and current health practices as well as provide you with instructions for accessing your session through either a smart phone, laptop, or tablet. You’ll then establish your desired training schedule and finalize the details of how your sessions will work.

Is virtual personal training as effective as in-person training?

Yes! While your trainer will be engaging with you through a screen, that doesn’t mean they’ll be any less attentive. In fact, they’ll be right there with you providing demonstrations and examples of how to properly use your body as well as offering any necessary suggestions for correcting posture, positioning, and breathing.

What equipment do I need?

The equipment needed for your virtual personal training sessions is dependent on your specified workout plan. After your initial consultation, your trainer will provide you with a list of the primary pieces of equipment they reccomend (nothing over $100) as well as send you links to purchase.

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Single Session


Includes everything from nutrition to personal guidance to monthly progress reports

1 x per week


Enjoy the benefits of training once a week at our premier facility where you will receive 1st class service.

2 x per week


Ready to take it up notch and get results that much faster? You will be training with us two times a week in a fun and motivational atmosphere.

3 x per week


Train up to three times a week and enjoy the exclusive flexibility of being able to reschedule a session for any other day that week at no charge.