Private Personal Training

Get Full-Service Private Personal Training

At MWA Health & Fitness, we provide the most effective private personal training services in Boston.

Whether you're looking to transform your health, shed a few pounds, or recover from an injury, our personal training sessions provide the necessary one-on-one attention to help you achieve. Clients also enjoy the opportunity to workout in our premier Boston studio which features a wide range of high-end, modern equipment designed for every type of workout.

How does private personal training work?

Simply fill out our health questionnaire and you'll be paired with one of our award-winning personal trainers. Your trainer will then meet with you for your initial fitness consultation to address any personal fitness goals, as well as establish a realistic schedule for workouts. You'll then begin your workouts together based on the established schedule.

Your designated personal trainer will also be your on-call fitness guru. This means that they'll be available 24/7 either via text, call, or video chat to dish out nutrition advice and answer any questions you have about maintaining your health goals.

What You Get With Private Personal Training:

  • Designated Personal Trainer: Establish a trusted relationship with someone who’s truly invested in your health. Your designated personal trainer will be available to work with you in-session or answer any questions you have outside of sessions.
  • Initial Fitness Consultation: Share your workout goals, health habits, and more during your initial fitness consultation. This process will allow your trainer to create a tailored plan centered around your goals.
  • 12 Week Get Fit Nutrition and Diet Book: Learn the basics about healthy living with simple grocery shopping lists and daily meal plans.
  • Nutrition Checklist Journal: Keep track of your food intake with our included nutrition checklist journal. We also encourage clients to share these journals with their trainers so they can help identify any problem areas.
  • Exercise Program Design: Get an exercise program that’s completely tailored around your needs.
  • Weekly Accountability Checkins: Reach your goals fast by having a trainer who helps you stay on track. This provides the opportunity to address any problems for the week and/or get yourself prepared for the following week.
  • Monthly Progress Report: Celebrate your health achievements or identify problem areas with monthly progress reports. Each month, your trainer will take your measurements and review your progress to ensure that you’re staying on course.

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