Boston Personal Training

Private Personal Training

Private Personal Training

MWA Health and Fitness Studio is located in the South End of Boston. We provide a boutique, all-inclusive, Boston personal training service to help busy people transform their bodies and their health. We use the most cutting edge & state-of-the-art training and nutrition methods to get you the absolute best results in the the fastest and safest way possible!

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corporate and in-home personal training

Corporate & In-Home Personal Training

Get corporate & in-home Boston personal training sessions by MWA’s team of premier trainers. We come right to your home or office and provide EVERYTHING you need to get started on the very best health & fitness program to meet your needs and exceed your goals.

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virtual personal training

Virtual Personal Training

Experience the convenience of getting fit from the comfort and safety of home with our virtual Boston personal training services. Our elite team of trainers are there to guide you every step of the way with equipment recommendations, fitness demonstrations, nutrition management services and more. Whether your goal is muscle gain, weight loss, or overall health improvement, our virtual personal training services can get you there.

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boston personal training sessions

How Sessions Work

  • First 5-10 Minutes: Dynamic Warm-up and Movement Preparation

    Safely warms up the body in a way that stimulates the nervous system and muscles to prepare them to work out and stay injury free

  • 30-35 minutes: Customized Exercise Program

    There’s no time for sitting around as we keep you moving through compound movements involving supersets or tri-sets. This is the most efficient way to train your body by involving every muscle in each workout. Your metabolic rate will sky rocket and your body will transform in a matter of weeks

  • Last 5-10 minutes: Integrative Flexibility or Interval Training

    Our professionals will enhance your flexibility through hands-on PNF stretching, self myofascial release rolling, as well as other techniques. The time may also be spent performing intervals if your goal is body fat reduction.

MWA personal training sessions

Why Choose MWA?

  • Completely Custom Sessions

    All of our Boston personal training services are custom tailored to each person’s individual needs, which is why we have been so successful at making sure each person reaches their goals.

  • Diverse Clientelle

    We work with everyone from weight loss clients, to doctors, to brides-to-be, to new moms, to youth athletes and no matter how great their goals are we outline a plan to make it happen!

  • Best Personal Trainers in Boston

    Being voted #1 in the fitness industry and with over 200,000 client sessions completed over the past 19 years, you can rest assured our Boston personal training team has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to help you reach your fitness goals.