Detox Your Body For Life

In Healthy Lifestyle by bshea22

Detox your body for life.  Thus do you know how?

Therefore its a question we must ask.  So how do you know if and when to detox.  Hence one question to answer is have you ever done a detox before?

Because for most of us the answer will be no, then its time to start researching.   Thus why not start with the liver.  One of the most important organs of the body.

Furthermore there are thousands upon thousand of toxins we are exposed to everyday.

Hence why a liver detox will great to do anytime of the year.

Because you will be cleaning out the liver you will notice improvements in your taste, skin, inflammation and energy levels.

Thus because the body starts to function in such a clean way sleep, brain function and focus also improve.  Hence the quality of life improves and healthy eating and living grows.

Better Focus

Detox your body for life is not just another catchy phrase.  Thus the amount of tasks and goals that can be achieved are extraordinary.

Therefore focus becomes a great new tool to use.  So the production goes up and stays up.

Hence going through and detoxing your body should be a must.

Furthermore you may notice you have more of an appetite for nutritious Whole Foods.  Thus a strawberry tastes like a delicious treat.  Hence kale, broccoli and Brussels sprouts never tasted so good.

Not to mention with a 7 day detox you reset your whole body.  Thus allowing your body to fully understand how Whole Foods and detoxing go hand in hand.

Full Detox

Lastly the full detox teaches how your body will digest food.  Hence using a couple of days to shake fast calms the digestive tract.   Thus once the digestive tract is calmed down more nutrients from foods are absorbed.

So this new found digestive power continues to keep the detox effects.  Furthermore doing a liver detox every 3 months will ensure toxins are not moving back in with hopes of permanent residence.

Because digestion of vegeatables and animal proteins must be able to be broken down and assimilated.  Thus the balance of enzymes from the different variety of foods will help to keep you fresh.

So being detox focused can not only be good for your body, mind, soul but also for your relationships, career and communication.

Therefore it is important to understand how the pores of the liver must be rid of these toxins.  Thus one of my favorite toxins we would never even know about is brake dust from our cars.  Hence the brakes are great to stop the car and keep us safe.  However, we then inhale this brake dust.  It will then be processed through our bodies and sit in the liver if we allow it.

Thus this could go on for 70, 80 or 90 years if we are lucky.  Hence we need to look at what could cause something like Parkinson’s disease and say would toxins like brake dust cause an issue.  Because we don’t know 100% we have then companies and people looking to discredit the outside environment.