You will feel better! You will look great! And you will be healthier!

You will have the power to achieve all this with the guidance of MWA. Together we will assess where you are now and then map out a plan to get where you want to be. Your personal trainer will take the time to find out what works best for you.

This approach allows you to get the type of professional service that will keep you motivated and your workouts feeling creative, fun and enjoyable. Your results will  not go unnoticed!

Although the MWA Health and Fitness Team trains everyone from professional athletes to soccer moms, we have become most well-known for these specialty areas of expertise: Available In-Home or at our Studio.


12 Week Weight Loss  *Most popular!*
This is the most comprehensive weight loss program ever unveiled. You will receive full step-by-step support in all aspects of the program covering diet/nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, emotional eating, monthly progress reports, and permanent weight loss & lifestyle management. This program is by far the best of the best when it comes to weight loss. It’s also why it’s our most popular with over 200,000 clients sessions completed!

Bronzed Bodies
Looking to add lean body mass, and tone every muscle in your body? Our Bronzed Bodies program is designed to reshape your body by cutting your body fat and adding just the right amount of muscle to your physique to create a noticeably fitter body. People may even comment that you look like were cast in bronze!

Boston’s Biggest Loser
Yes, you’ve seen the reality t.v. show, but we take real people like yourself and transform their bodies every day with our ultimate weight loss programs. Dramatic  weight loss results of up 36lbs in 12 weeks is not unheard of with our complete nutrition and exercise prescriptions. Will you be Boston’s next Biggest Loser?
A new Boston’s Biggest Loser is announced every 90 days! (come find out what the prizes are!)

Life-Changing Weight Loss
This is a program of a different caliber. If you need to safely lose 50lbs or more and learn exactly how to create lifestyle change to permanently keep the weight off this is the only program for you. We have personally helped individual clients lose over 100lbs within 1 year through a total commitment from both of our ends. Many of these clients were able to discontinue high blood pressure, cholesterol, and many other medications they were taking do to their weight issues. Once you enter into this program, there is no looking back. If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of getting healthy then call us for all the details.
(We will also work directly with your doctor or health care provider)


Elite Performance
Our team is composed of  certified strength and conditioning coaches with the knowledge and know-how to design professional-level sports conditioning or other types of programs to meet your unique goals. We are also the only facility in Boston to have Keiser Strength equipment. If you’re not using Keiser equipment, you’re not training for true power!

Youth Athletic Performance
Youth athletics has its own set of rules for strength & conditioning. Luckily, the MWA Health and Fitness team knows, understands, and implements those guidelines in all of our program designs. This type of dedication to our younger
athletes leads to stand-out performances and the highest achievements in their given sport.

Marathoner’s In-Training
Are you looking for a program that fully encompasses injury prevention, strength & conditioning, speed, endurance, nutritional advice and support, pre-race planning, and race day preparation? Look no further. We have the background and education to provide you with the very best marathon training preparation.

Interested in training for your first triathalon? Would you rather be apart of a tri-athlete team where each member completes a leg of the race? You can do it all at MWA Health and Fitness!


Brides 2 B
How does a 100% success rating sound to you! No one helps soon to be brides get in shape faster! Our bridal diet plans and workout programs will get you to wear you need to be for the wedding and honeymoon. You will love the way you look and feel.

Mothers 2 B
We specialize in working with you to transition you from what you have been doing in your exercise program to what you should be doing for you and your new baby. You will receive top-notch exercise programs and healthy guidelines
that will constantly adapt to your changing body. We’ll also be there for you after the baby comes!

Live the FitLife
Through educational workouts and nutritional guidelines you will learn a healthier way to live your life and begin to feel an increased level of energy, confidence, and overall well-being. These are strategies you can take anywhere and incorporate everyday of your life.

Postural Alignment & Integrative Flexibility
After we review your overhead squat analysis and functional movement screen we will develop a program to add flexibility and strength in the areas needed to move your body back into balance. You’ll also get a great workout while doing it!

Strength & Conditioning
Whether you are young or old, your body is your vehicle through life and you must keep it strong! Together we will strengthen your joints, connective tissue, muscles, and your cardiovascular system to get you into peak condition and increase your quality of life.

Grocery Shopping – The FitLife Way
This 90 minute educational food shopping tour makes choosing healthy foods easy once you have learned the “secrets” behind nutritional labels and what your best choices are for your favorite foods and recipes. You will also receive my FitLife Foods Checklist  that will help you make smarter choices for you and your family!

Didn’t see the exact program you were looking for? Interested in customizing your own? Just give us a call and we would be happy to speak with you about the details of what you are looking to accomplish, and then design the perfect program for you!

*** All programs are available as private, semi-private, or group sessions ***

Why keep putting your health and body transformation goals off?


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